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Tourisme Bas-Saint-Laurent presents a positive assessment of the past year

On June 9, the Bas-Saint-Laurent Regional Tourist Association held its 44th Annual General Meeting at the BeauLieu Culturel du Témiscouata in the presence of tourist organizations and partners.

The event was also presented in virtual mode to allow a greater number of people to attend. The organization drew up a positive assessment of the past year in addition to presenting an action plan and a balanced budget for the year 2022-2023.

A relaunch of activities well underway

The Tourisme Bas-Saint-Laurent team has been proactive in the past year by deploying a variety of actions and services aimed at supporting businesses and organizations in the face of the major challenges encountered in a period of pandemic and relaunch of activities. . Now made up of 14 people, the Tourisme Bas-Saint-Laurent team has grown with the aim of effectively supporting the Bas-Laurentian tourism industry in terms of promotion, tourist reception and development and the structure of the offer. It is possible to consult the complete annual report on the website:

Some highlights of the 2021-2022 annual report

• Financial assistance of more than $900,000 for 28 projects, granted under the Regional Tourism Partnership Agreement (EPRT 2020-2022) generating investments of nearly $8.7 million in the region;

• Nearly $300,000 awarded under partnership agreements with RCMs and regional tourist organizations;

• The creation of the Sustainable Initiatives Fund in collaboration with the Ecoleader Fund and the creation of the Optimization Program for Partnerships and Regional Initiatives (POPIR);

• Regional, national and outside Quebec tourism promotion campaigns, representing investments of more than $3 million annually;

• A 37% increase in the number of visitors to the website with a total of over 230,000 visitors;

• More than 150 media interviews carried out, continuous representation with local, regional and national authorities, strategic information communicated to members, the continuation of major virtual tourist meetings and the return to face-to-face meetings of the tourism industry conference in last April;

• The growing popularity of Bas-Saint-Laurent, confirmed by the results of a notoriety and perception study carried out by the firm Léger as well as those of the CAA-Quebec annual survey on travel intentions in the summer of 2022 , the region featuring in the top 5 favorite destinations for Quebecers.

Focus on the 2022-2023 action plan

Already underway, the action plan revolves around the organization’s four main mandates, which are governance, regional leadership and knowledge, promotion of the region and tourist reception, as well as development and structuring of the offer.

“We will continue our marketing actions with our signature Bas-Saint-Laurent – ​​Take Time and we will pay particular attention to the structuring of the tourist offer and our customer service for industry organizations,” mentioned Mr. Pierre Lévesque, President and CEO of Tourisme Bas-Saint-Laurent.

Among the 30 projects prioritized this year:

  • The implementation of a customer relationship management system;
  • The establishment of a network of territorial development agents;
  • The holding of the tourism industry symposium scheduled for January 2023;
  • The continued development of adaptive web maps and promotional campaigns;
  • Development studies/plans on cycling, the four-season transition and the Tour du Bas-Saint-Laurent circuit;
  • The Navigators road enhancement project.

Election of the new board of directors

Mr. Charles Labrecque of the Auberge de la Pointe will act as Chairman of the Board of Directors for a second year. Newly in office, Mrs. Hélène Théberge of the Site historique maritime de la Pointe-au-Père will act as vice-president and Mrs. Annick Lepage of the Domaine du lac Saint-Mathieu will act as secretary-treasurer.

Also among the administrators are Ms. Joanna Lortie of the Hôtel Universel in Rivière-du-Loup, delegate to sit on the Alliance de l’industrie touristique du Québec, Ms. Catherine Gagné of Domaine Valga, delegate to sit on the Board of administration of Québec Maritime, Mrs. Marlaine St-Jean from the Hôtel la Libertad, Mr. Jean Santerre from the Auberge As on the first day, Mr. Maxime Gendron from Terfa, Mr. Martin Rioux-Beaulieu from the Hôtel le 1212 and newly mail, Mr. Patrick Noël from Camping Plage Pohénégamook.

President and CEO Pierre Lévesque and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Charles Labrecque, thanked Messrs. Serge Guay and Denis Ouellet for their involvement over the past few years on the Board of Directors. They also welcomed Ms. Hélène Théberge and Mr. Patrick Noël, who have joined the Board.

“I would also like to thank the members of the Board of Directors and the employees for the work accomplished during the year as well as all our partners and collaborators without forgetting all of our members. Your collaboration is precious and essential to our collective success! added Mr. Lévesque.

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