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Tourist micro-adventures: answering the call of the land

For a second year, Tourisme Victoriaville and its region is working to set up micro-adventures for tourists from everywhere. These activities make it possible to showcase the products resulting, among other things, from agriculture and animal husbandry in the region.

This novelty is in fact a revised and corrected version of the summer walks set up a few years ago, themselves inspired by the well-known Gourmet Walks. The experiment was tried for three years, but consumers were looking for a more personalized experience that would allow them to come into direct contact with producers, rather than simply buying products in shops.

Listening to visitors’ comments, Tourisme Victoriaville and its region, as explained by Steeve Gagné, who works there as tourism coordinator, revised the concept.

The team therefore subsequently developed a new formula, micro-adventures in this case. “Thanks to the technology that has changed with online ticketing, it makes things easier for everyone,” he says.

Then we had to approach the producers and suggest that they work with their tourist clientele differently, by using the Web and including added value in their products. “It took a certain change of mentality,” Steeve points out. This does not prevent that several have embarked on the project and the first micro-adventures were offered last summer.

The way to do it is simple. You have to start with a visit to the Tourisme Victoriaville and its region website, where each experience is described. After having chosen the one that tempts us, all you have to do is reserve your place on the Internet and go to the place at the chosen time in order to live a value-added experience, a special treatment. “For example, last summer, the pizza and the aperitif at the vineyard worked very well,” Steeve exemplifies. It’s as easy as buying show tickets, he says.

Of course, bringing these adventures to customers requires, for producers, additional human resources, which is not easy these days. Also, it takes adaptation because many producers are alone in their business. But for those who embark on it with the necessary efforts, the results are there and Tourisme Victoriaville and its region is there to support micro-enterprises in this change management.

The implementation of the micro-adventures platform creates an ecosystem of companies to which visitors will be directed, according to their tastes. “Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu started at the same time as us and other regions are starting to take an interest in this way of doing things,” says Mr. Gagné.

It is therefore a good way to attract tourists to the region and digital purchasing makes it possible to accumulate information on buyers and thus adapt the product offer, advertising campaigns and thus generate an attractiveness. “And it responds to people’s need for unique experiences,” he adds.

The region is full of entrepreneurs who offer unique, high-quality local products which, thanks to this new formula, can go even further in their marketing. There is even talk of an opportunity to increase its turnover by 5 to 10%, which is not negligible.

Summer 2022 will be the third season that highlights this type of offer. This will be the time to really test the formula, as Steeve Gagné points out. Currently, the organization is renewing the agreements with those who will participate. But we are already promising original, fun, delicious and varied experiences. “Most of the participants from last summer are coming back and others are changing things,” adds Mr. Gagné who, in an ideal world, would like everyone to offer micro-adventures.

The region is already well known for its agrotourism, in particular thanks to the Gourmet Walks. But micro-adventures could well take an important place in the sector over the next few years since they fully meet this need of consumers to go further in their purchases. But this will not happen without the support of the companies in the region which are the basis of the concept. “The client, for his part, is already responding! », Estimates Steve Gagné.

This is a new offer in which the entire team of Tourisme Victoriaville and its region has been putting efforts for several months now. The technical side for the participating companies is not so complicated, but you have to support each of them in order to help them find the micro-adventure(s) (some offer several at different prices) that will allow them to stand out from the crowd. and promote its products.

In addition, businesses in the MRC d’Arthabaska, who would like to join the movement, just have to contact Tourisme Victoriaville and its region, which will guide them in the process.

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