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Travelers’ top 10 destinations for summer 2022

Posted Jul 5, 2022, 11:31 AMUpdated on Jul 5, 2022 at 6:17 PM

As the time for vacation departures approaches, the Airbnb platform has unveiled the trends of travel destinations worldwide for the summer of 2022. For this summer period, travelers favor destinations that invite you to relax on the edge of the sea, following the example of Turkey, Italy or even Spain which make up the classic trio at the top of the classification.

But sometimes unsuspected destinations also appear in the searches of holidaymakers, eager to discover other horizons in Europe or the United States, in less frequented places, for a real parenthesis in order to recharge their batteries in peace before the start of the school year. .

1. Bodrum, Turkey

The coastal city is for this summer the first destination for tourists. Considered the Turkish Saint-Tropez, dynamic day and night, Bodrum delights lovers of seaside activities as much as history and culture aficionados. Indeed, near its marina stands the Saint-Pierre castle, listed by UNESCO since 2016, which houses a museum of underwater archeology.

Bodrum in Turkey.Getty Images

2. Ibiza, Spain

For sunny holidays, Ibiza appears to be the perfect remedy against the frenzy of everyday life. We know it has a festive image, and rightly so since the nightlife is a major economic sector of this Balearic island hard hit by the Covid, but the city is actually very cosmopolitan and cultivates a contrasting art of living that will know demonstrate his full personality this summer.

Ibiza old town.

Ibiza old town.Getty Images

3. Villasimius, Italy

In the south of Sardinia, the municipality of Villasimius has no more than 4000 inhabitants all year round. A figure that multiplies with the approach of fine weather and high temperatures. After exploring its greenery and picturesque villages, there is also the protected marine area of ​​Capo Carbonara which offers a fascinating spectacle: that of many wrecks submerged by the waves and between which fish sneak.

Piscadeddus beach near Villasimus in Sardinia.

Piscadeddus beach near Villasimus in Sardinia.Getty Images/iStockphoto

4. Devon, England

Cradle of Agatha Christie, the county of Devon seduces tourists looking for escape. A popular destination, it is as popular for its 35 kilometers of coastline, a true British Riviera, as for its wild interior, dotted with cliffs and fields. One of the treasures of this region of south-west England is the Dartmoor National Park, which offers a spectacular panorama of rocky expanses.

The coasts of the county of Devon in England.

The coasts of the county of Devon in England.Getty Images

5. Korcula, Croatia

A Dalmatian walled city, Korcula is a maze of winding streets that guarantees an authentic experience. Within its walls, it is an immersion in a medieval setting that awaits the most curious. A destination for lovers of beautiful stones.

The city of Korcula in Croatia and its formidable ramparts.

The city of Korcula in Croatia and its formidable ramparts.Getty Images

6. San Vito Lo Capo, Italy

San-Vito-Lo-Capo is Sicily’s seaside town par excellence. Its white sand beach is the major attraction of the place but its geography, between mountain and sea, also makes it a popular area for climbing enthusiasts. Its exotic architecture, with its low houses and palm trees, pays homage to its North African roots.

The Church of San Vito and the adjacent street reveal the unique character of the town.

The Church of San Vito and the adjacent street reveal the unique character of the town.Getty Images

7. Nimes, France

The only French destination in the ranking, Nîmes stands out from the usual seaside resorts and French resorts that rarely go beyond the Mediterranean coast. But the “French Rome” amply deserves its success and its nickname. Rich in history, the ancient city does not have to be ashamed of its monuments. Visitors will be able to take pleasure in surveying its arenas, its amphitheater and discovering its Maison Carrée.

The Square House of Nîmes

The Square House of NîmesGetty Images

8. Maine, USA

State of claimed fishermen, Maine offers a setting that is out of the ordinary. For its lobster, a local specialty, or for its charming landscape between steep paths, its pretty lighthouses and its jagged coastline, this end of America is a destination of choice for those looking to discover something other than the traditional overcrowded beaches, and its indulge in a more rustic vacation in a joyful and authentic America.

The city of Bar Harbor in Maine in the United States.

The city of Bar Harbor in Maine in the United States.Getty Images

9. Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

In the heart of the Black Forest, there is an atypical village whose architecture and dynamism promise to be a haven of peace for travellers. Freiburg im Breisgau has more of a reputation as a university town than a tourist niche and therein lies its appeal. With its Gothic cachet, its cathedral, one of the most beautiful in the country, and its greenery, Friborg is not lacking in charm.

Freiburg in Germany and its schwabentor, one of the two Gothic gate towers of the old town.

Freiburg in Germany and its schwabentor, one of the two Gothic gate towers of the old town.Getty Images/Westend61

10. San Teodoro, Italy

The Sardinian village in the Gallura region closes the march of this selection. La Cinta beach, its shallow and transparent water, invites you to escape. And if the place is not conducive to historical discoveries, it is the nature of the place that holds all its secrets. It is for example possible to see in San Teodoro groups of pink flamingos taking their ease in a lagoon. Enough to steal the show from the expanse of white sand generally preferred by holidaymakers.

One of the beaches of San Teodoro.

One of the beaches of San Teodoro.Getty Images

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