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VoyagesPirates study – Travel trends for summer 2022: The French will spend between 250 and 500 euros on their holidays this summer

According to a new survey released today, 65 % of French people will go abroad this summer

In his latest survey [1] With a panel of more than 4,500 adults, the specialist in tourism tips,, reveals how French travelers plan to go on vacation this summer. Nearly 40% of respondents expressed, for the most part, their wish to book their holidays only three months before departure this year. The countdown is therefore on for summer reservations.

Summer 2022 travel trends: destinations and budget

65% of French people are in favor of holidays abroad this summer, while more than a third (35%) will turn to French destinations and staycations. Unsurprisingly in France, it is the seaside regions that are widely favored by holidaymakers with Corsica dominating the intentions ahead of the Côte d’Azur, the Basque Coast and Brittany. The Alps come to close this top five of the regions which will record the highest attendance rates this season.

The staycation effect seems to be continuing with destinations such as the mountains, and more particularly the Alps, or the Basque Coast, which have seen their attendance rate increase over the last two summers marked by the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic.

What should be noted with regard to intentions is the continued interest in domestic stays, although restrictions continue to be lifted in the main tourist destinations in Europe and around the world. This clearly shows that the staycation is not a fad, and that local tourism is a segment that will continue to develop and occupy an important place in our industry in the future. says Stéphane Renard, Head of Market France at HolidayPirates Group.

On the international side, southern Europe remains the safe bet for French holidaymakers with Greece at the top of departure intentions, followed by Italy and Croatia, while Portugal is also in the ranking of the five destinations where the French aspire to stay for their summer holidays. The United States, favorite destination and widely acclaimed by European tourists for this year [2]is the only country outside the European continent to slip into this top five.

With regard to accommodation, the French seem to have decided: they will mainly favor (52%) hotels for their holidays. 37% will turn to the rental of houses and 15% residences which are however followed very closely by campsites.

In terms of formulas, French holidaymakers will focus on booking overnight stays only (36%) or formulas with breakfast included (31%).

In total more than a third (35%) of respondents to this survey intend to allocate between 250 and 500 euros for their holidays this summer. They are 28% to plan a budget between 500 and 1,000 euros and 20%, for whom, these expenses will be between 100 and 250 euros.

It is certain that the current general inflation will have an impact on the holiday budget of the French, but it should not prevent them from taking advantage of their holidays for all that. More than ever, consumers are going to need a wide choice of offers and to be oriented towards the best value for money plans, regardless of their budget. This is where VoyagesPirates will register as a key player in reservations for this summer. says Stéphane Renard.

About VoyagesPirates is a platform and an application for good tourism plans, which offers users travel offers at the best value for money. VoyagesPirates is the French brand of the HolidayPirates group, and receives 1.1 million monthly visits and has over a million social media followers in France.
The HolidayPirates group is headquartered in Berlin and operates in 10 markets: France, Germany, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. Each of the group’s travel portals operates completely independently of operators and partners. Today, is one of the largest travel portals in France.

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