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What A Trip! Montpellier International Travel and Adventure Film Festival

Desire to escape ? See you in September 2022 in the aisles of What A Trip, the travel and adventure film festival.

The What A Trip (WAT, for short) is a festival organized in the heart of the Montpellier metropolis. Since 2017, this major cinematic event in the south of France has brought together artists, exhibitors and festival-goers around the theme of travel and openness to the world.

On the program: documentary screenings, events, workshops, conferences, concerts… and many other surprises that punctuate a particularly dense eclectic programme. The next edition of What A Trip will take place from September 21 to 25, 2022. We hope to see you there!

Competitions, screenings and meetings

Photo credit: What A Trip!

Good to know :

  • 📅 Dates: from September 21 to 25, 2022
  • 📍 Premises : Rabelais Room and Fabre Museum
  • 💰 Rate : from €7 (reduced price €5)
  • 🚊 Access : tram stops Comedy (lines 1 and 2) and Corum (lines 1, 2 and 4)

The WAT organizes a competition allowing filmmakers and documentarians to submit around twenty travel and adventure films. Five different prizes are awarded each year, rewarding particularly varied productions. Not all are in the running: the OFF program honors films simply intended to share experiences and slices of life with an audience of enthusiasts. The projections are presented in the Rabelais room as well as in the auditorium of the Fabre museum.

The What A Trip has the particularity of supplementing the broadcasts with enriching encounters with the protagonists or directors. These shed some interesting light on the filming conditions and the many adventures encountered. In addition, it is possible to watch the films and the discussions that follow live on the internet. Magic of streaming, very practical when it is not possible to go there!

The topics covered have in common to plunge the spectators into a distant and often unknown universe. Last year among others, this travel and adventure film festival kept all its promises.

The public could watch Fly Spiti, relating to the very first exploration of a Himalayan valley by paraglider, carried out by two aerobatic champions. Or Nuorreka film retracing the journey of two young engineers along the icy coasts of Finnmark.

The many festival-goers were also able to witness the spring transhumance in southwestern Iran by a family of nomadic Bakhtiaris shepherds or even follow the crossing of the longest road in the world by bicycle, from Alaska to Patagonia. . the Ushuaia TV Award will, for example, have been awarded to the film Akhdar, the salt of the desertan immersion in the Mauritanian desert from the coast to the nomadic villages.

The village of travel

In 2022, What A Trip is packing its bags on the Place Royale du Peyrou, opposite the Arc de Triomphe. The travel village is truly the epicenter of this cultural event.

Good to know :

  • 📅 Dates: from September 21 to 25, 2022
  • 📍 Place : Place du Peyrou
  • 💰 Rate : free
  • 🚊 Access : stop Peyrou-Arc de Triomphe (tram line 4 and bus lines 6 and 7)

The beating heart of What A Trip

Concert at What A Trip

Photo credit: Yolan Lemaire

Indeed, apart from the screening sessions, this urban and popular travel and adventure film festival is full of surprising activities.

Every evening, concerts are organized at the “P’tite Scène”, transforming the esplanade into a giant dance floor. The public can eat in one of the food trucks present in a dedicated area. The opportunity to enjoy a good meal directly on site, between two activities.

What A Trip bookstore area

Photo credit: Yolan Lemaire

In the village of What A Trip, culture is obviously in the spotlight. A podcast area and the travel bookstore, which is particularly extensive, are entirely available to festival-goers. You will find something to quench your thirst for knowledge while exchanging with other participants.

In the event of a slight slack, the chill out welcomes you throughout the festivities to enjoy a good siesta in the cool. Its rest areas with pallet tables and armchairs are filled with a warm atmosphere conducive to meetings!


What A Trip Exhibition

Photo credit: Serge Poirot

Throughout this film festival, many photography exhibitions and travel diaries are presented. The public will unearth them in the heart of the WAT village, but also throughout the city of Montpellier: at the Hôtel Sully, for example. Today, it is occupied by the House of International Relations. The place hosts many events and cultural events.

As part of What A Trip, it is an opportunity to confront rich photographic testimonies. The highlights of the journeys thus captured constitute an invitation to escape, contemplation and reflection. These ephemeral exhibitions pleasantly punctuate the course of the festival, to the delight of visitors.

Conferences and workshops

Workshop area - What A Trip

Photo credit: Serge Poirot

The WAT organizes completely free conferences and workshops on the theme of travel and the preservation of the environment. The workshops allow, among other things, to learn about yoga, sign language or taste the cuisine of the world. Facilitators provide advice and tips for sustainable travel or outright survival in a hostile environment.

Creative and fun workshops are open to all festival-goers who will discover sometimes surprising exotic craft techniques. The conferences are an opportunity to exchange with authentic backpackers and adventurers who have traveled the planet.

WAT Conference

Photo credit: Yolan Lemaire

There are also many associations, grouped together in the “Blue Zone”, a space entirely dedicated to the seas and oceans. Initiatives are put in place to explain the issues related to the preservation of the marine environment. For example, the Marine Institute of Seaquarium continuously animates board games, coloring, puzzles.

There is also the Permanent Center for Environmental Initiatives (CPIE) of the Thau basin or the Marine Protected Areas of the Agde coast, local associations. They maintain an information stand on the various actions to protect marine diversity: photo boards, leaflets, models, etc.

Zero waste or participatory science workshops relating to environmental awareness are also organized. The Ocean fresco, Surfrider or the collective action of scientists Aileronscommitted associations, also participate in this virtuous approach.

Moreover, as a committed festival, the WAT is a member of the movement 1% for the Planet. In particular, it donates 1% of its ticket sales to associations working to protect the environment. Finally, the What A Trip carries out numerous activities for a school audience in partnership with the National Education.

The travel fair

Village What A Trip

Photo credit: Yolan Lemaire

The village of the What A Trip festival hosts a fair allowing many companies to promote their commercial concept on the theme of travel to the public. Exhibitors, equipment manufacturers, agencies, insurers, booksellers, artisans…

Among the official partners are the mutual health insurance Heyme, offering insurance for students abroad. We also find cewephotography specialist, Chilowecreator of adventures, or even Satoriza chain of organic grocery stores.

More generally, the travel fair welcomes many players in sustainable tourism: companies, public interest associations or the media. You will have understood: celebrating, yes, but celebrating responsibly, first!

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