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What are the dream destinations to discover in 2022?

After two years of confinement, or almost, we all dream of great trips. That’s good, the benchmark for travel, the Lonely Planet, has just unveiled its Best in Travel 2022. And we find the crème de la crème of dream destinations to discover in 2022. Rather the Cook Islands, Belize or Malawi?

Each year, the Lonely Planet shares, via its Best in Travel, the 10 best countries, cities and regions to visit. To establish these rankings, the Lonely Planet examines the opinions of its community made up of writers, bloggers, etc. And then a panel of travel experts narrows down the nominations. Discovery in pictures.

1. The Cook Islands

15 islands. 1.8 million km2. This South Pacific archipelago is one of the most extensive countries on the planet.

Since 2017, this rare and sublime environment has been preserved: a multipurpose marine park called Marae Moana (“Sacred Ocean”) encompasses the country, constituting the largest protected area on the planet and a marine sanctuary has been established within a radius of 93 km around from each of the islands.

Here, a dream destination and no mass tourism. In each of the islands, you will have the opportunity to discover all the natural and cultural treasures available to you. Whether in Rarotonga or Aitutaki, many activities (cycling tours, hiking, caving, etc.) are offered by certified service providers, with ecological practices and committed to the preservation of nature. We can only approve of this approach.

2. Mauritius

For travelers in search of animal discovery or experienced divers, Mauritius may well be the next destination on your list. Hard hit by the brake on international tourism in 2020 and 2021, this sublime island in the Indian Ocean is just waiting to be rediscovered, thanks to unforgettable eco-tours.

After looking at a few photos, we are already seduced. The coral reefs, the crystal clear waters but also the wild and preserved lands attract our curiosity. But not only. Mauritius has become an animal paradise thanks to the safeguarding of endangered bird species. The little extra? With a bit of luck, go to Rodrigues, and try to meet the Aldabra tortoise.

3. Belize

From its Great Barrier Reef to its breathtaking Mayan remains and its exceptionally rich fauna, Belize has nothing to envy to the others. Whether you are looking for rest or ready to live unforgettable adventures, the youngest nation of Central America offers a cultural mix unmatched in this region of the globe.

From the Maya Mountains to the Shipstern Nature Reserve, Belize reveals a land of lush jungles. While history buffs will explore the archaeological ruins, wildlife lovers can spot scarlet macaws, monkeys, sea turtles, nurse sharks and manatees. As for those in search of relaxation, they will be able to discover the vast expanses of white sand bordered by an azure blue sea. How to resist ?

4. Anguilla

After being devastated in 2017 by Hurricane Irma, Anguilla is finally rising from its ashes. Engaged in a sustainable reconstruction, this small tropical paradise is being transformed into a “green” destination, with accommodation that respects the ecosystem. Between bike rides, snorkeling on the colorful reefs, lazing on the long white sand beach of Shoal Bay East or bird watching from the Meads Bay Pond platform, you will be amazed. The unforgettable experience if you go to Anguilla? The boat trip to the Prickly Pear Cays, two uninhabited islands where scaly turtles and green turtles (two endangered species) swim happily.

5. Sultanate of Oman

6. Nepal

After seeing the film 14 peaks, we have only one desire: to book a plane ticket and discover the highest peaks in the world. So if you want to escape the crowds and stress, Nepal is waiting for you. This small country nestled between China and India is a great playground for hikers, mountaineers and anyone who wants to reconnect with Nature.

If you want to escape the effervescent atmosphere of the capital, go on the mountain paths and take in the view in front of strikingly beautiful landscapes. The little extra that is important to us? By staying in Nepal, you will allow this country, which suffered greatly from the 2015 earthquake, to regain an economic footing and you will participate in the protection of the environment, which is a priority here. So if you dream of long hikes, call on the services of local guides and porters, stay in tea houses, etc. You will thus have the satisfaction of supporting Nepal in its approach to sustainable tourism.

7. Malawi

In Malawi too, everything is focused on the development of sustainable tourism. The “warm heart of Africa” has dozens of accommodations, from luxurious lodges to retreats on deserted islands, which have taken advantage of the pandemic break to set up ecotourism projects.

But not only. Thanks to the actions of the NGO African Parks, which has moved animals – especially those belonging to endangered species such as black rhinos and cheetahs – to the country’s three major reserves, Malawi is now home to an animal population of great wealth.

So between safari, lake towns vibrating to the sound of reggae, hiking trails and tea plantations… Malawi undoubtedly has a lot to offer.


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