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what are the new features of the rental platform really worth?

More flexibility, security, unusual accommodation… The platform is changing this Thursday. As a result, new booking options, likely, according to her, to “reinvent” our way of traveling. Really ?

The change of the decade», «travel reinvented», “a complete overhaul”… For the past two weeks, Airbnb has been competing in superlatives to describe its new interface. Presented very officially this Wednesday by the co-founder of the platform, Brian Chesky, who will speak live on the website, it will be put online, in France, from Thursday, May 12. Airbnb explains that it has revised its copy to better reflect our new travel habits, born during the pandemic. Nathan Blecharczyk, the second CEO of Airbnb, explained to Le Figaro on the eve of this launch with great fanfare: “Travelers are now more flexible, both on their date and their destination. They will tend to stay longer on the spot, mixing holidays and work, to favor domestic tourism and unusual accommodation.

According to him, the Covid has also caused a decentralization of tourism. The ten largest destinations on the site now represent only 8% of reservations, against 12% pre-pandemic. Based on this observation, the platform is therefore innovating with new search categories and new guarantees for the traveler. So, is the revolution really here?

Even more search categories

The novelty

Domes, tiny houses, troglodyte houses… Last year, Airbnb inaugurated many search categories, allowing the user to find what they are looking for by selecting a type of accommodation rather than by searching in the traditional way by date. or by location. The platform continues this momentum by inaugurating new categories corresponding to both types of accommodation and locations: countryside, design, camping, heritage (in France only) and “OMG”. “OMG (acronym of Oh My God, Editor’s note) brings together totally unique houses, which will amaze you“says Nathan Blecharczyk.

What do we think?

Filters, more filters, always filters! The site now offers 56 different search categories. By wanting to cut too much, isn’t Airbnb in danger of losing the user? This update allows at least to introduce the category “campaign» which was missing until now (while «seaside» or «mountain» already existed). Conversely, some very useful filters are always absent subscribers: house with garden, for example, or reception in person. Surely they would have been more useful than “cycladic house”!

The “Two-step stay” function

The novelty

For stays of a week or more, Airbnb will systematically offer travelers the option of occupying two successive accommodations, with similar services, in the same destination.

What do we think?

This option will provide travelers who leave for a long time with more choice, as there are few houses available for several weeks in a row, especially during high season. Nathan Blecharczyk estimates that travelers will have on average 40% more options on the same date. It’s hard to complain about it, but can we even speak of a revolution?

The AirCover guarantee for travelers

The novelty

Already available for accommodation providers, the AirCover guarantee is now offered to all travelers when booking. She assures:

  • The proposal of similar replacement accommodations if the host cancels within 30 days of the stay,
  • The Listing Accuracy Guarantee and the On Arrival Guarantee, both available for 72 hours (up from 24 hours previously)
  • 24 hour support

What do we think?

These advances of course guarantee more security for the tenant in an ever-fluctuating international context. But Airbnb in doing so aligns itself with what the majority of tourism players are offering, who have reviewed their sales policies since the pandemic.

In conclusion ?

The “decade update” in fact mostly continues the advances that began in November 2021, when the last evolution took place. Airbnb chooses to target even more customers who telework and therefore can afford to leave for long periods of time – one night reserved in five is for a stay of more than a week, according to the platform. At the risk of cutting yourself off from others? The future will tell…

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