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What is the price of a round the world cruise in 2023?

If you have never been on a cruise around the world, you may be wondering what the cost of such an expedition is. A trip around the world on a 130 to 150 night cruise aboard Regent Seven Seas Cruises can cost between €70,000 and €250,000. So much for the luxury category, but you can also find more affordable rates on companies like MSC Cruises for example. Here is an overview of the offers available for 2023.

Regent Seven Seas World Cruise

In terms of luxury cruises, few companies have surpassed Regent Seven Seas, particularly in terms of the quality of the services offered. Its luxurious ships are among the best in the world, and with Regent Seven Seas Cruises you can expect an unparalleled experience. Regent is an established name in the luxury cruise industry and has been delighting affluent travelers for years. The practical rates are rather high, but this includes a multitude of services that are often paid for with other companies: excursions, top-of-the-range meals, room service, butler, etc.

For 2023, Regent is offering a 143-night cruise from Miami to Barcelona. This cruise will make you discover 3 oceans and 6 continents. No less than 42 countries and 72 stopovers will punctuate your journey around the planet. Although Regent Seven Seas cruises are among the most expensive, the waiting list to take part is often very long. It is therefore advisable to go about it as soon as possible to book. But beware, your ticket for this exceptional adventure will cost you no less than €70,000 per person. At this price, you will live take more than 4 months a dream life with personalized service on one of the most beautiful boats in the world.

Around the world by the south with Silversea

For 2023, the Silversea company is organizing an original round-the-world cruise which will mainly pass through the south of the globe. You will leave on January 9 from Sydney to arrive 140 days later in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. For this voyage around the earth, your ship will be the Silver Shadow.

The particularity of Silversea is to offer cruises on boats on a human scale. For example, the Silver Shadow has a capacity of 388 passengers. You will thus benefit from a very personalized ultra-luxury service. On the price side, it will again be necessary to save a nice little sum since the first cabin costs more than 70,000 € per person. The appeal of smaller ships is that they have the ability to call at ports where larger liners cannot dock.

The itinerary will make you discover Australia, all of southern Asia and Africa to finish in style in the Caribbean. You will not pass in Europe at all.

Princess World Cruise

If you have a more limited budget, why not choose a Princess cruise. Departing January 19, 2023 for a cruise around the world to and from Los Angeles. The trip will last a total of 111 days. For an interior cabin, the price is just over €20,000. Princess offers mid-range cruises. It’s not a tourist factory like on other companies, but it’s not the 5-star service of luxury cruises either. It’s a good compromise for travelers who want to enjoy a certain level of quality without paying a high price.

Your boat, the Island Princess, accommodates 2,200 passengers. You will have the choice among a dozen restaurants to take your meals. On the route side, you will pass through Hawaii, Tahiti, Australia, Dubai, Venice in Italy, Colombia and Mexico. In total, you will call at 48 different ports.

274 nights with Royal Caribbean

For 2023, Royal Caribbean has gone big with a cruise that spans 274 nights! You will spend a total of 9 months at sea: departure on December 10, 2023 from Miami and arrival on September 10, 2024 still in Miami. This cruise is clearly the most complete in terms of stops and countries visited. From the Great Wall of China to the Igacu Falls via Petra in Jordan or the pyramids of Alexandria in Egypt, you will discover several wonders of the world. This cruise really passes through all the continents with each time several stopovers and time to discover the exceptional tourist sites. You will cross a total of 65 countries and more than 150 ports.

On the price side, it starts at €50,000 per person for an interior cabin. If you don’t want to leave for 9 months, know that it is also possible to do only 25% of the cruise. It is divided into 4 segments of approximately 65 to 80 nights depending on the segment.

A few tips for a successful round-the-world cruise

Going on a cruise for several months can seem like an extraordinary adventure. It may even scare some people off. It is advisable to take other cruises of shorter duration before jumping into the deep end. The particularity of such a cruise is that you will spend many days at sea without stopping at the port. After a few weeks, you will have gone around the boat and you may find the time long if you have not planned the slightest activity to keep you busy.

This type of cruise is not necessarily suitable for children of school age. Certainly, they will make friends and it is possible to take the courses remotely, but you will have a hard time motivating them to work once on the cruise ship.

You have to think about the budget. Once at sea, there will be plenty of opportunities to spend money every day. For example, if you want to keep in touch with your loved ones back on land, you will have to pay for Wifi access and this is quite expensive on a cruise ship, especially over a long period. There are also excursions to visit sites and cities that are not always included in the price of the cruise.

Finally, there are premium meals, drinks and gratuities. Over several months, this will again represent an additional cost which can quickly inflate the bill.

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