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what will change in the Agadir region

The Souss-Massa region aims to diversify its tourist offer, previously focused on the seaside. It is therefore a new turning point that is emerging, that of a “destination with multiple experiences”.

Historically known for its tourist offer and its unique natural and cultural assets, the Souss-Massa Region has acquired the image of a seaside destination offering its visitors a single tourist product for decades.

The region has set itself the objective of attracting new investors in line with the expectations and requirements of a destination with multiple “cosmopolitan” experiences, with the creation of new attractive products with high added value allowing it to have a competitive capacity .

To take a new turn for the “multiple experiences” destination, studies have been carried out, concerted and shared, and have resulted in the definition of the investments and financial structuring necessary to support this new turn.

Improve the tourist experience
The proposed investments are intended to develop tourism products that will, on the one hand, improve the tourist experience of visitors looking for a de-seasonal (quality) seaside product, and, on the other hand, diversify the products (quantity) in order to attract new segments of visitors, namely “young millennials”, “businessmen” and “young families” looking for a destination with multitudes of products representing the priority elements in the choice of their destination.

The development of these investments will make it possible to change the scale of the Agadir tourist destination from a mono-product seaside resort to a cosmopolitan destination (offering a diversity of experiences) extroverted open to its environment and with strong attractive power in all seasons. It will also make it possible to boost the creation of VSMEs and local employment.

Two types of investments are planned in this direction, namely investments in the consolidation of the existing to achieve rapid growth and investments in the creation of new tourist development areas for the future growth of the destination.

Moreover, several development programs to prepare the relaunch of the destination and initiate the growth of the destination have been studied, a significant part of which has been committed for an overall public investment of 7 billion dirhams with the contribution of the SMIT to the tune of 1 billion dirhams.

SMIT mobilized

At the level of the Souss-Massa destination, several actors participate in the promotion of tourist investment (Region, CRI, etc.). SMIT, a national player in charge of promoting tourism investment, actively participates in it through its efforts aimed at promoting investment for the creation of new attractive products with high added value allowing it to have a competitive capacity and attenuating the cyclicality of the destination.

On the Agadir destination, in particular, the SMIT, through the land it has, has created investment opportunities in the Founty area and the Taghazout area. With the launch of the development of the Aghroud area, the SMIT will offer investors tourist plots at very attractive prices.

This tourist land constitutes a strong tool for the promotion of tourist investment in the destination. As part of the actions to promote tourism investment in Morocco to foreign markets, SMIT also highlights the investment opportunities offered by the destination, during major international investment events “AHIC, IHIF, Investment Day-Expo Dubai 2020” and webinars held.

In addition, a privileged player at the regional level, the Souss-Massa Regional Investment Center supports the deployment of the territorial development scheme for tourist investment through promotional actions at the regional level, as well as assistance and facilitating the act of “one-stop shopping” investing.

The positive impact of tourism investments on the region’s economy

The implementation of the development programs planned for the destination will make it possible to develop the seaside resort of Agadir into a high-level destination with considerable socio-economic impacts in terms of private investment, additional capacity that will be created on the destination (more than 20,000 additional beds), job opportunities that will be created, overnight stays that will be accommodated and additional tourism revenue that will be generated in the destination.

Sanae Raqui / with ECO Inspirations

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