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where to go for the weekend and for your summer holidays?

Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Croatia, Malta… All of southern Europe is now accessible with a simple PCR test. Our inspirations for finding your destination for June, July and August in these popular tourist destinations for the French.

Portugal and Italy have in turn opened their borders wide to French tourists. The first has authorized since May 17 “all types of travel” including “non-essential travelfor most European countries with an incidence rate ofless than 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days“. This is today the case of France, relieved since May 13 of its status of “risk areaby the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). Most European countries use this data to filter tourist entries. And on May 16, Italy lifted its 5-day mini-quarantine imposed so far on European travelers.

These two countries join the other destinations in southern Europe very popular with the French, such as Croatia, Spain, Greece or Malta, which welcome tourists from this spring. In any case, if the double dose will be one of the criteria of the health pass, there will be no need to be vaccinated – or a priori to submit to quarantine – to travel to Europe this summer. A negative PCR test within 48 or 72 hours, depending on the country, is sufficient for the moment. This general relaxation of travel restrictions will be supported by a tool, the European health pass, scheduled for July 1, as confirmed by the Secretary of State for European Affairs, Clément Beaune.

Enough to plan now for the July 14 bridge, for a long weekend or, already, to book your summer vacation, to one of these destinations. Here are our recommendations.

Portugal, from Fatima to Melides

A beach in Melides, anti-Comporta, the ideal destination for this summer. inacio the worst

The conditions to go there

Travelers over 2 years old will need to provide proof of a negative PCR test within 72 hours. PCR test required for return to France. All our updated information.

What first (long) weekend to treat yourself to?

Fatima is about 100 km from Lisbon. Located in the canton of Ourém, this charming little town is not limited to its religious influence, and is the ideal destination for a cultural and fun 3-day weekend. On the program: a medieval town and its castle, enchanting caves, a very popular river beach or the largest trail of sauropod dinosaur footprints in the world.

Where to go this summer ?

For a longer stay, with the summer holidays in sight, we would prefer to go to Melides, a new tourist eldorado not far south of Lisbon. Just 20 minutes from the popular Comporta, this authentic village on the Alentejo coast seduces with its accessible beaches and its center of contemporary art in the making.

Italy, from Procida to Sicily

The volcanic Procida, the smallest island in the Bay of Naples, will be the cultural capital in 2022. All the more reason to visit it now. javen

The conditions to go there

Travelers over 2 years of age must provide proof of a negative PCR or antigen test within 48 hours and report themselves upon arrival to the health authority of the region of destination, the list of which is online. PCR test required for return to France. All our updated information.

What weekend to offer?

Less glamorous than Capri, ten times smaller than Ischia, a mysterious island off the coast of Naples: procida, which will be the Italian capital of culture in 2022, a year that should see a massive influx of tourists… All the more reason to visit it as soon as possible. Its panoramas over the Tyrrhenian Sea and its pastel houses give it a unique charm. Procida still embodies a confidential Italy where villages and landscapes have remained intact.

Where to go this summer ?

At the antipodes of Procida: the Sicily , the largest island in the Mediterranean – suitable, therefore, for slightly longer stays. What to start with ? The Greek temples of Agrigento, Palermo, the Baroque villages, Syracuse? In Sicily, everything recalls the wonderful mix of peoples who have stayed there, to offer today a cultural and artistic mix as rich as it is heterogeneous, celebrated even in its cuisine, largely inspired by the Orient.

Spain, from Asturias to the Canaries

Lanzarote, wild and typical. Here, the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Teguise, in the center north of the Canary Island. hr2010

The conditions to go there

Travelers over 6 years old must provide proof of a negative PCR test within 72 hours. PCR test required for return to France. All our updated information.

What weekend to offer?

It is a region unknown to the French and European tourists in general. With emerald hills descending to an Atlantic of transparent green waters, the Asturias are the summer refuge of Spaniards avoiding the crowds that gather on the Costa Brava or the Costa Del Sol. These Iberian landscapes of the north coast, still spared by the real estate tornado which partly disfigures the Mediterranean coast, offer an incomparable natural setting, between wild beaches, snow-capped peaks and green valleys.

Where to go this summer ?

Pure summer sweetness, varied landscapes… Cap on the Canary Islands . But which one to choose? Tenerife (ideal for hiking), Fuerteventura (for its dream beaches), Lanzarote (for its vineyards and lunar landscapes)… Each island has its own biosphere reserve: banana trees, coffee plants and rum distilleries. In the Canary Islands there is an air of the Caribbean.

Croatia, from the Dubrovnik Islands to Eastern Slavonia

Visit Dubrovnik and… quickly discover the offshore islands. Here the Elaphites, an archipelago of 13 islands and islets. Dario Bajurin

The conditions to go there

Travelers over 7 years of age must provide proof of a negative PCR or antigen test within 48 hours or of a certificate of vaccination (at least 14 days since the second dose before arrival) or of recovery (between 180 and 11 days before arrival). PCR test required for return to France. All our updated information.

What weekend to offer?

In the far south of Croatia, on the Adriatic coast, Dubrovnik is overrun with visitors who swoon at the foot of its high ramparts and drag their sandals on the polished cobblestones of its narrow streets. But, if you visit this nugget above all for its fortified old town, beauty is everywhere around: he is almost virgins, an unknown wine valley, one of the most beautiful bays in the world…

Where to go this summer ?

For a slightly longer stay, away from the always popular Adriatic coast, head for the Eastern Slavonia, attic and pantry of the country nestled between Serbia and Hungary. Far from the beaches and the masses, it will enchant lovers of pure air, wild nature and cultural heritage. For Croats, the authentic country is here and nowhere else.

Greece, from island to island

The beach and the two bays of Porto Timoni, accessible after a long walk near the village of Afionas, in the northwest of Corfu. Balate Dorin

The conditions to go there

Travelers over 5 years old will need to show proof of a negative PCR test (in English) less than 72 hours old and complete an online form at least 24 hours before travelling. PCR test required for return to France. All our updated information.

What weekend to offer?

For travelers wishing to spend a weekend in Greece without missing out on visiting the unmissable Athens, Aegina is the most accessible (and still very authentic) island from the Greek capital. One hour away by boat, rob the pistachio stalls – the local specialty – on the port, lively and gourmet. Before going to the archaeological site of the ancient city and continuing to the mythical beach of Marathon…

Where to go this summer ?

For the more adventurous, Le Figaro delivers its selection of islands stamped “covid-free” (understand: where the vaccination campaign is carried out with a beating drumbeat) among the 227 islets scattered around the Hellenic peninsula. Each of them can lend itself to its own theme: Crete and Corfu to travel with the family, Milos and Kalymnos for sports enthusiasts, to the spiritual Patmos, to discover the sacred Cave of the Apocalypse…

Malta, from Valletta to Gozo

The Ta’ Pinu National Sanctuary, in Gharb, on the island of Gozo. Adobe Stock

The conditions to go there

Travelers of all ages must have a negative PCR test within 72 hours, complete a travel declaration form and a passenger locator form available online. PCR test required for return to France.

What weekend to offer?

Often neglected in favor of the island of Malta, the neighboring Gozo plays the card of unspoiled rurality and rural charm, while offering Mediterranean softness. On the towns and villages side (megalithic temples and Baroque churches), on the field side (fertile valleys suitable for hiking) and on the sea side (attractive creeks where you can swim from April), Gozo is an ideal destination for a long weekend.

Where to go this summer ?

In addition to the sea and its Mediterranean climate, one savors in Malta the richness of a history and a centuries-old culture. For a longer stay, you have to rush into the underground necropolises and pagan temples, measure at Valletta the Christian heritage of the Order of Malta which shaped the entire archipelago, push to Mdina, the ancient capital, admire the Victoria Citadel in Gozo, bask in the natural pools of Comino…


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