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Where to go in December in the sun?

Where to go in December in the sun? Are you tired of the gray winter in France? Just to make you want to, Demotivateur offers you here some nice destinations that will give you a taste of vacation and summer. Guadeloupe, Martinique, and why not Mexico? We can already imagine winter at the beach…

Beach. Source: Pixabay

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Too gray, too wet, France is enough. Red alert on winter, we all take off to spend December on the beach with our toes fanned out! Good at Demotivateur we will not be able to but we will still give some advice for those who can. Between Guadeloupe, the Dominican Republic or Thailand, enough to spend a beautiful winter. What a lucky bunch! Prepare your departure, flights are just a click away. This year, go for winter in Dubai.

Traveling in December: watch out for covid

Discover our selection of destinations to enjoy the sun in the middle of December. Not very warm for winter this year no. Be careful to check the conditions of access linked to the COVID-19 all the same. And yes, because the COVID-19 epidemic and the restrictions on travel and therefore holidays have reduced many summer vacation plans to nothing. But it might be possible to postpone your trip in autumn. Aaaaah enjoy the winter sun in December, it must be nice.

Spend the winter in the sun

Winter is setting in, the Christmas markets are getting ready… But nothing helps, you need sunshine and heat. Many countries in the world are quite conducive to a holiday in the sun in the middle of December. No need to wait for the big summer holidays to go to the beach and dress lightly. Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and the Caribbean benefit from a particularly mild and sunny climate. On the other hand, it is better to avoid Europe, North America, the Seychelles, Mongolia and northern China.

Here is our selection of destinations from which you will return with tanned skin and a radiant smile of sun and beach. Look all the same the possible activities on the spot. Even if the beach is already self-sufficient. Think about the sweater too, the winter remains cold but for the islands. What are the best destinations to spend the winter in the sun? Trips (with family or not) are here below! It’s time for you to escape winter and head for the beach!

Istanbul. Source: Pixabay

Turkey: its sun and its beaches

Turkey is a country that has a thousand treasures to offer you throughout the year, winter and summer. But in December, you will have to go to the South on the other hand! In Antalya, for example, to enjoy its pretty beaches and the extreme kindness of its inhabitants. In Istanbulthe capital, you risk a few showers and quite a bit of freshness, but this city has such a charm that it seems to be forgiven for everything.

If you are looking for where to go in December in the sun not far from Europe, Turkey is for you! Moreover the country is not so far from France after all. Which flights to take to Turkey? The prices are 80 euros minimum. Cheap, cheap!

Malta. Source: Pixabay

Malta, the best destination to go to in Europe in the sun?

Beautiful Malta is a small island set in the heart of the Mediterranean which owes its attractiveness to several key elements: its fortified and marvelously preserved capital (La Valette) and the wonderful color of water that borders its beaches. A short getaway to Malta will gladly allow you to relax in the middle of December, for a small budget! Are you looking for where to go in December in the sun not far from home and without losing a kidney? Malta will then be ideal, only 2 hours flight from France. What are the prices actually? You will get it for about forty euros. Not to mention the hotel. But for the sun and the beach, we forgive everything on the island of Malta.

Ready to discover this mythical island? Next departure tomorrow. Let’s go for the holidays in the sun!

Cuba. Source: Pixabay

Cuba and its palm trees

Aaaah Cuba! On this island, time sometimes seems to stand still… Jump in an old-fashioned car to visit its various towns and villages, enveloped in the smell of cigars and the Cuban music that intrudes on the streets. Sacred painting? It lacks more than the hotel with a view of the sea. It seems that the island of Cuba is a destination from which one does not return unscathed. With his warm and festive atmosphereit is the ideal place to spend a month of December in the sun, even under a palm tree on Varadero beach…

If you are looking for where to go in December in the sun, we are sure that Cuba will meet your expectations. And more !

Activities to do in Cuba in December

Destination that has the wind in its sails, Cuba, ideal for a cheap trip, lifts the veil and lets us discover its countless secrets. Havana, capital of the island, represents in itself an entire province. But Varadero is also worth a look. You will be charmed by Vieja Habana (Old Havana) with its colorful streets and its Baroque-style architecture that makes Havana a veritable open-air museum. Havana also offers us an exceptional seaside promenade on the Malecon, also called Avenida de Maceo.

Come discover a warm Cuban culture. Havana is waiting for you! Cuba tempts you to cut the winter? In any case, that tells us well. How are the prices for flights on the island? Good Paris Cuba it’s a price of 750 euros anyway. We will see for next December.

Dubai. Source: Pixabay

Dubai and the desert sun!

Dubai is very often seen as a giant amusement park for children and adults. But Dubai also fits in as a truly exotic. If you are looking for where to go in dDecember in the sun, know that Dubai offers very beautiful discoveries with its desert, its beaches, its local culture and its ultramodern city. Everything for a great vacation!

In addition, for travelers, activities (with family or not) are not lacking. But if you dream of a long winter vacation trip, do not hesitate to combine your visit with that of Abu Dhabi. The sun will not leave you on vacation! Destination the beach! Dubai makes you want to spend the winter in the sun? There are return flights for prices around 400 euros. Not such high prices after all!

Morocco. Source: Pixabay

Morocco: beach guaranteed without tourists

You’ve all been waiting for it! Taking a trip to Morocco is an opportunity not to be missed! We dream of it here. Casablanca, Essaouira or even Chefchaouen : these marvels of Morocco are happy to be explored in the middle of December. And then what a trip without the aisles crowded with vacationers! Tourists are less numerous, and one lets oneself be lulled by the charm of local life during a trip in low season.

Travel in December: what to do in Morocco?

Going on a trip to Morocco is always a nice surprise. Between the kasbahs, the old medinas, the palm groves and the deserts, there is plenty to take in! However, too many tourists choose to stay in a club hotel and leave little room for the real discovery of the country and its inhabitants. Too bad when you visit a country with such a culture, take advantage of this trip in winter to meet people! Do you dream of a trip to these destinations this winter? The flights are around 100 euros back and forth. The prices remain quite low, enough to save a little for the rest of the trip! Afterwards, if you are ready to go on a trip a little further, why not the Caribbean?

Guadeloupe beach. Source: Pixabay

The Caribbean: Guadeloupe

“This winter for a vacation trip, I would only like sun and palm trees on the beach…” If you’ve thought of this at least once in your life, Guadeloupe is THE destination made for you! Its beaches, its coconut palms, its incredible natural landscapes… Don’t look any further for where to go in December in the sun this year, it’s the Caribbean that you need. It’s up to you!

All the islands are possible but the beaches and the sun of Guadeloupe are something! Here, the sun will inevitably be there and you will be able to fully enjoy this beautiful island! For family holidays we highly recommend! A holiday not to be missed. Does this tempt you? Flights to Guadeloupe are priced at around 400 euros.

Andalusia. Source: Pixabay


Andalusia and its microclimate

We’re staying in Europe for now. The old continent has not yet said its last word for winter holidays in the sun. A trip to Andalusia cannot be refused. The south of Spain has an incredible charm, that is no longer a mystery… But did you know that Andalusia also benefits from an extremely favorable climate in winter? The temperatures remain very mild (for example in Malaga), and the sun is very present during the month of December.

The opportunity to take a little vitamin D cure. If it’s good for morale, we say yes! Where to go in December in the sun? In Andalusia of course! Here you can find everything you need for a great winter trip: swimming with your feet in the water, mild sunshine and a cheap hotel. Ready to leave for Andalusia? Fly away in December in the sun for Andalusia and its golden beaches.

Cultivation in rice fields. Source: Pixabay

Thailand: the dream getaway

Are you still looking for where to go in December in the sun far from home? So, get your things ready, you’re going on a trip to Thailand! Indeed, December is certainly the best month of the year to visit Thailand. During the dry season, the water is suitable for swimming, the heat is present and the sun is there. It promises you a magical journey. Treat yourself to a getaway in Asia to intensely enjoy the land of smiles. The southern beaches? Its floating markets? The generosity of its inhabitants? You will come back to tell us why everyone has been dreaming about it for a few years! Including us.

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