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Where to go in June? Top 10 destinations to go to in June

One month away from the school holidays, you want to go on vacation in June. But where ? Here are the top 10 of the best destinations to go on vacation in the sun in June.

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To avoid the peak season crowds in July and August, many of you are looking to go on vacation in june. This is an excellent choice because in June, the Sun will be part of many countries around the world. A journey in a european capitala sports and cultural road trip or just vacation idleness in a hotel in the sun ? The editorial staff offers you 10 ideal destinations to go on vacation in June.

Which part of the globe should you choose to go on vacation in June?

With its mild and ideal climate during this period, the Mediterranean Basin is the preferred holiday destination in June. Greece, the Portuguese islands, Sicily, Croatia and Corsica are very popular countries or regions in Europe. Leaving in June close to the Mediterranean is synonymous with sunny vacation !

The temperatures will also be pleasant in the rest of Europe, North America, Japan and northern China. In the list of regions to favor in June, we note theSouthern Africathe northern oceania (Australia and Indonesia) and the indian ocean islands.

Conversely, the regions of the globe to avoid to go on vacation in June, we find India and Southeast Asia, indeed it is the time of the monsoons. As for Central Africa and the Middle East, it is the period of strong heat. Kenya experiences significant rainfall. In South America, it is the period of austral winter where freshness, rain and even snowfall are to be expected in Chile, Argentina and the Andes.


View of the Ajaccio coastline, transparent water and colorful houses. Credit: Stock

Where to go in June? In Corsica of course! the climate in Corsica in the month of June is simply perfect. In June, temperatures are around 25°C. Sun, heavenly beaches and transparent water will make you spend unforgettable vacation.

Whether in the north, in Bastiaor to the south, to AjaccioJune is the best time of the year to go discover the wonders of the Island of Beauty, relax and enjoy the holidays. Hikes in the heart of nature, swimming in transparent waters or strolling through typical Corsican towns: in June, head for Corsica !


Village of Loutro in Crete. Credit: Stock

Fancy a trip on the Mediterranean Basin ? Choose Crete. Located between Greece and Turkey, this Greek island will offer you a bright sun all day long and pleasant temperatures. This sunny month of June is the perfect month to visit Heraklion, port city of Crete. Only a few hours flight from France, Crete brings together the paradisiac beaches, the sun and the magnificent landscapes.


Majorelle Garden in Marrakech. Credit: Stock

In Marrakesh, the summer season starts in June. With temperatures up to 30°C during the dayMarrakech is a very popular destination in June because the Moroccan city offers many advantages : crossing the desert, walks in the city, discovery of the typical architecture and Moroccan traditions.

If you go to holidays in june in Marrakech, you will surely come across the most fashionable comedians of the year. Indeed, in the month of June takes place the Marrakech of Laughter. It is a festival that brings together Moroccan and international comedians. It is an event to experience absolutely!

In June, it is also the National Festival of Popular Arts in Marrakech. This festival celebrates the Moroccan traditions through dances, songs, parades in costumes.


Beautiful paradise and tropical beach in Mauritius. Credit: Stock

If you want a trip to the sun in June, bet on Mauritius ! The climate is very favorable with temperatures ranging from 25°C during the day. At night, the temperatures are as mild as they are pleasant, they are close to the 23°C.

Notice to athletes, Mauritius offers in June a good number sports and adventure activities. First of all, the first week of June is the annual Dragon boat festival at the Caudan Waterfront in Port Louis. Many dragon boats race, followed by parades, lion dances or Chinese dragons in the streets.

Races and trailsthe Wellness Festival Mauritius a wellness festival based on the promotion of yoga, meditation, dance and the world of massage, are organized on the island. Finally, a kitesurf festival takes place at the end of the month, the last week, and aims to promote this water sport on the island.

For those with a sweet tooth, don’t miss the Port Louis market on the seaside. This getaway will be an opportunity to discover the flavors of Mauritiuscolors, craft stalls.


Cefalu, medieval village of Sicily. Credit: Stock

Sicily promises you very nice vacation thanks to his ideal climate in this month of June. The sun will be there and the temperature Palermothe western capital of Sicily, is 25°C in the morning, 27°C in the afternoon and 22°C in the evening and at night.

Going on a trip to Sicily in June also means low cost travel. Indeed, by leaving just before school holidays and the high tourist season, you ensure a cheaper trip than the summer period.

In June on the Italian island there will be for all tastes. A getaway in the heart of nature, sunbathing and swimming on the beach or a stroll in the Sicilian capital, Sicily will know fill you up in June !


Camara de Lobos in Madeira. Credit: Stock

Just over 3 hours flight from France, Madeira is a island attached to Portugal, in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, west of Morocco. Madeira is a ideal destination for a holiday in the sun in the month of June. You can enjoy its beautiful natural landscapesof the city of Funchalof the beautiful beaches and some typical culture of this island. This volcanic island enjoys a subtropical climate where temperatures rarely drop below 15°C.

Notice to football fans, if you come to spend a stay in Madeira, you will walk in the footsteps of the most famous football player: Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese player was born in Funchal, on the island of Madeira. A statue was erected in his effigy that you can discover in this city.


View of the entrance to the port of Ibiza. Credit: Stock

Throughout the month of June, high temperatures and big sun will be part of the weather in Ibiza. The island of Ibiza is located in the heart of the Mediterranean basinwhere you can relax in luxury hotels or some apartments more affordable for a few nights. To save money, prefer the month of June, where the price of a hotel room is cheaper than in the height of the summer season. It is therefore a good period to leave for savings !

New York

Times Square Avenue in New York. Credit: iStock

Leave Europe and cross the Atlantic Ocean for a trip to New York. In June you can enjoy a favorable climate exploring the beautiful city of New York. If there is one city to discover in June, it’s New York.

You can visit the typical monuments in the center of this American city and eat a hot dog in times square. Many accommodations are available, hotel, apartment or hostel, experience an unforgettable holiday in sunny New York in June !


Magnificent aerial view of a cliff, a cove and the transparent blue sea. Credit: Stock

Where to go in June? The holidays are approaching and you don’t know where to go. Greece is the ideal destination. Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, Greece will fill your holidays. Whether on the Mainland Greece or the many cyclades islandsthe climate in june is particularly pleasant. The temperatures are 30°C during the day and 23°C at night.

Leave for a stay of a few nights in Greece to take advantage of the typical life of this Mediterranean country, culture and architecture of the Greeks. You can discover the paradise beaches of the Cyclades, transparent water, the city centers of Athens, Corfu, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, or Rhodes. In June, the climate is ideal on 78% of the territory, you can spend perfect vacation with sunshine!


Tropical beach with a hammock in the Seychelles. Credit: iStock

There are trips you have to make in a lifetime. Seychelles is one of them. The month of June is ideal for going on holiday in the Seychelles. With an average of 28°C per dayyou can enjoy wonderful landscapesheavenly beaches like the Anse source d’argent beach in Seychelles. This tropical beach Seychelles is ranked among the most beautiful and most visited in the world, it will welcome you in a spectacular setting under the sun of the Indian Ocean. So in June head for the Seychelles !

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