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Where to go on safari? Top 5 of the best destinations!

Reconnect with nature and live an unforgettable travel experience by treating yourself to a safari on the other side of the world. Nature and wildlife lovers, do you dream of seeing lions, elephants, zebras and giraffes in their natural habitat? That’s good, Liligo has prepared a top 5 of the best destinations for you to go on an unforgettable safari!

5. South Africa to meet the Big 5

It is one of the most famous safari destinations in the world: theSouth Africa. It must be said that national parks and nature reserves are legion here. We will think in particular of the kruger parka typical African reserve where it is relatively easy to observe the Big Five: elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos and buffaloes. You may also be lucky enough to come across some crocodiles and hippos on your safari in South Africa. Apart from the magnificent Kruger Park, you can also venture into the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Nature Reserve. The place is famous for the presence of white rhinos.
The advantage of South Africa is that it is possible to combine several types of travel there: urban explorations in Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town, hikes in the Table Mountain or Tsitsikamma park, idleness in Muizenberg or Port Elizabeth, and of course, safari!

4. Namibia for contrasting landscapes

If you want to combine your safari in Africa with the discovery of some of the most beautiful landscapes on our planet, head to the Namibia ! The good news is that unlike “mainstream” safari destinations, it is possible here to rent a 4×4 to go on a free safari in the middle of the great wilderness of the country.
With its 22,000 km², the etosha national park is one of the largest on our planet. You will have the opportunity to admire the largest elephants in the worldrare antelope species and black rhinos, which has been disappearing for several years. Ornithology enthusiasts will not be left out, there are more than 340 species of birds who reside in the Etosha National Park. The park can be visited by 4×4 as well as on foot or by bike! You will also be offered to track the rhinos on foot for a totally extraordinary safari experience in Africa.


3. India for a safari like no other

And no, it is not only in Africa that it is possible to go on a safari! Meet the essential Bengal tiger of the Bandhavgarh Reservethe incredible asiatic lion in the sasan gir sanctuary, the antelopes of the park of Rajasthan… India has an incredibly rich and varied fauna. Don’t forget the pRanthambore National Arch, one of the largest in North India. Other safaris in India are more commonly done by jeep. The Ghana Keoladeo reserve will offer you an unforgettable spectacle of the aerial dance of the many birds it shelters.
Unlike African parks, Indian reserves do not concentrate all the fauna present on the territory. You will therefore have to visit the different parks of the country to meet the monkeys, crocodiles, pythons and exotic birds each inhabiting different ecosystems.

2. Uganda to meet the last mountain gorillas

L’Uganda was recently elected best country in the world to observe gorillas and chimpanzees. So if you too dream of meeting primates, find a plane ticket to Kampala and fly on a trip you will remember all your life. Time for a trek in the heart of high peaks, lakes, waterfalls and the Bwindi primary forest, go and observe chimpanzees and mountain gorillas, an endangered species. Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the park will also allow you to observe many birds during a safari. You can also combine your safari with other exotic activities such as rafting, mountaineering or hiking. The Rwenzori mountains will offer you a snowy spectacle from Uganda, “the pearl of Africa”. Do not hesitate to consult our article Where to observe the gorilla to find out more.

1. Tanzania for the abundance of wildlife

The Tanzania is THE ultimate safari destination. In a setting worthy of Lion King, meet buffaloes, rhinos, zebras, elephants, giraffes, lions and dozens of other species, each more impressive than the next. One of the most popular animal parks in the country is Ngorongoro Crater, the second largest crater in the world protecting in the heart of its natural ramparts of more than 600 meters high thousands of African mammals. A decor so surprising that it seems almost unreal! Other animal reserves are worth a visit: Lake Manyara Park and its lions perched on acacia trees, Tarangire and its confidential atmosphere, the Mahale mountains and their chimpanzees… Almost endless possibilities!


South Africa, Namibia, India, Uganda or Tanzania? And you, what will be your next safari destination? 🙂

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