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Where to go on vacation this summer

After the end-of-year celebrations, the moment we are waiting for most impatiently is the summer holidays. Where to go on vacation this summer? Lazing on the beach, hiking in the mountains, discovering a new capital, everyone has their own way of relaxing and releasing the stress accumulated during the year. Some places are particularly popular with vacationers and the list of these changes from year to year. Please discover our top 5 European destinations not to be missed in 2022.

The French have always had an attraction for the picturesque coasts of the Mediterranean. Sun and golden beaches as far as the eye can see, adventures galore, the most remarkable cultural heritage – the Spanish coasts have something to offer their visitors. Located about an hour from Barcelona, ​​the Costa Dorada is a true paradise, boasting breathtaking natural views and 60 crystal-clear beaches.

The Costa Dorada – pearl of the Mediterranean coast

For maximum comfort and exclusive vacation experience, the private resort Infinity offers you unique residences. Imagine waking up in the morning in a sea view apartment surrounded by pristine nature. Close your eyes and you might even feel the caress of the sun or hear the waves splash like a divine song. Added to this are three first-class golf courses, a Beach Club for lovers of water recreation, several restaurants and other amenities. Everything is designed and produced in a sustainable approach. You also have the choice of several seaside apartments depending on the number of visitors, your needs and preferences.

Infinitum – sustainable residences with spectacular views

interior holiday home costapdorada spain mediterranean coast

summer holidays 2022 costa dorada infininum view of the sea and vegetation

The Cyclades Islands in Greece

The Cyclades Islands would be very busy again in 2022 and this should not surprise you. A mixture of remarkable ancient heritage, breathtaking nature, Côtes d’Azur, unparalleled culture and cuisine, the Cyclades Islands have something to fascinate tourists. It doesn’t matter if you bet on hiking, relaxing, partying, water sports or gastronomy – one of these 24 islands will probably meet your needs. Walking through the streets of Santorini, among the blue and white buildings emblematic for this city, is a waking dream. To have a fiesta under the starry sky, go to Mykonos. Milos is a small, colorful volcanic island that will make you rediscover and redefine peace. You choose !

Santorini – the most famous of the Cyclades islands

santorini destination cheap europe travel

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Nestled in the heart of Slovenia, Ljubljana is a real gem. Still little frequented by tourists, this destination will offer you unprecedented tranquility and authenticity. If the country’s cuisine and culture are a must to discover, it is the beauty of Slovenian nature that attracts those thirsty for spectacular views. Majestic landscapes, grandiose mountains, river crossings and crystal clear lakes, treat yourself to a real getaway. Do not miss the emblematic castle of the Slovenian capital, like the many bridges that crisscross it.

For a city tour – the capital of Slovenia

lubiana slevinie where to go on vacation this summer 2022

Ischia, Campania, Italy

And since this year the trend is towards less frequented and popular places, we offer you an excellent alternative to the island of Capri in Italy. These include Ischia – the third largest island in Italy after Sardinia and Sicily. Apart from the unparalleled charm of its beaches, you will find this Mediterranean flora that everyone loves, as well as incredible thermal springs. When you are not lying on the Lido of Ischia or another popular beach on the island, take the opportunity to stroll through the ancient streets to discover the Aragonese Castle, the gardens of Mortella or the thermal baths of Ischia. At the end of the day, don’t forget to savor the sunset, as seen from Saint Maronti Bay. You will not regret the experience.

Discovering Ischia – an underrated island

visit italy ischia holidays summer 2022 list destinations

The Faroe Islands

Another popular destination for nature lovers are the Faroe Islands. Located in the north, between Iceland and Norway, this destination offers views drowned in vegetation, worthy of a fairy tale. Charming waterfalls, vertiginous cliffs, pastoral landscapes populated by sheep, quirky villages, small houses with green roofs, it is as if peace had its birthplace and it is called Faroe. Beware, however, of the terrain which is quite rugged and the climate which is quite harsh. Equip yourself well and be accompanied by a local guide.

The Faroe Islands – miraculous place

the faroe islands cheap travel europe where to go on vacation this summer

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