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Which mobile plan to choose for less than 10€?


The Prixtel operator specializes in flexible packages to adapt to your needs. With its Le petit offer, consumption between 0 and 20 GB allows you to obtain a package at €4.99/month the first year, then €9.99/month. This package includes unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in France and from the EU and the overseas departments, 20 GB of mobile Internet in mainland France, and 10 GB usable from the EU and the overseas departments.

Orange & Sosh

Sosh offers low-cost, no-commitment plans, all with the quality of the Orange network. The 100MB Blocked or 100MB plans are priced at €4.99/month. They include 2 hours of unlimited calls and SMS/MMS and 100 MB of mobile Internet. A Limited Edition plan is also available at the price of €6.99/month until May 12, 2022 at 9 a.m. This €6.99 SL package includes unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in France and 5GB of mobile Internet available from mainland France (reduced speed beyond). From Europe and the overseas departments, calls and SMS/MMS are also unlimited to these areas and to France, and 5GB of mobile data can be used from Europe and the overseas departments (excluding Switzerland and Andorra).


At SFR, the 2h 100MB package in 4G+ is €3/month for 12 months, then €8/month. The operator offers 100 MB of mobile Internet and 2 hours of unlimited calls, SMS & MMS from Europe and the overseas departments. SFR box customers benefit from a €3 reduction per month, reducing this package to €0/month for 12 months, then €5/month.


Bouygues Sensation packages are varied. The operator offers a mini package at €3/month for 12 months, then €4.99/month. BBOX customers get the first year free. The Sensation 2h 100MB plan with a 24-month commitment offers 100 MB usable in Europe, DROM and Andorra, 2h of unlimited calls and SMS in France and from Europe, DROM and Andorra. It is also possible to find a non-binding package at €4.99/month with B&You. Still covered by the Bouygues Telecom network, this package offers 5 GB of Internet valid in mainland France and from Europe/DROM, and unlimited calls & SMS/MMS in mainland France.

Mobile Post

For less than €10 per month, La Poste Mobile offers a no-commitment 50 GB plan. Offered at €9.99/month, this package is covered by SFR’s 4G mobile network. It includes unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in France and overseas departments, 50GB of mobile Internet, of which 10GB can be used from Europe and DROM/COM.

Cdiscount Mobile

For €2/month, Cdiscount Mobile offers a no-commitment 200MB package. The operator includes 3h20 of calls in mainland France, 200 SMS/MMS and 200 MB of high-speed Internet. This package is also designed to accompany you in Europe and in the overseas departments.


With RED by SFR, take advantage of a no-commitment package at €5/month including 5GB in very high speed, unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France and DROM (excluding Mayotte), and unlimited SMS/MMS to all operators in metropolitan France. Also benefit from unlimited calls, SMS/MMS and 6GB/month of Internet deducted from the package and usable from the European Union/DROM.


With its €2/month and no-commitment plan, Free offers 50MB of Internet, 2 hours of calls to mobiles and landlines in mainland France and DROMs, and to landlines in 100 destinations, unlimited SMS/MMS in mainland France, unlimited SMS to DROM, and, abroad, 2 hours of calls deducted from the 50 MB/month plan from Europe and DROM. Freebox subscribers can take advantage of this plan for free.

These numerous offers of mobile plans at less than €10/month are an opportunity to change plans while taking advantage of low prices, without skimping on quality.

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