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Who can benefit from the 200 euros to go on vacation? We tell you everything

For eight years now, the Agence Nationale des Chèques Vacances has been offering a holiday departure assistance program for young people aged 18 to 25. Under certain conditions, they can therefore take advantage of their holidays to go on a trip wherever they want. What are the conditions that determine who is eligible for this financial boost, can they really go where they want and how should they go about it? You will find all the answers to these questions in this article.

The program to help thousands of young people go on vacation was set up in 2014. Developed by the ANCV and called “Départ 18:25”, it consists of offering financial assistance to young people who wish to recharge their batteries at the sea, in the mountains or discover European capitals. If you’re wondering how it works, you’ll soon be fixed!

What is the amount of aid for leaving on vacation?

To develop its aid program, the ANCV has benefited from the support of the Ministry in charge of tourism. The principle is simple: eligible young people can obtain aid of up to 80% of the cost of their stay. A maximum amount is still set at 200 euros. The program also establishes a remaining charge of at least 50 euros after deduction of the aid offered. It is therefore a rather generous aid which offers great prospects to all young people who meet the eligibility conditions.

Who can benefit ?

The beneficiaries of this financial aid are young people aged 18 to 25 whose taxable income does not exceed 17,280 euros per year. And that’s not all, apprentices, students and scholarship students, civic service volunteers, beneficiaries of the youth guarantee, young people enrolled in a second chance school and all those who are followed by the child welfare can also benefit from this boost offered by the ANCV. If you have any doubts about your eligibility, be aware that many eligibility tests are available on the internet. Quick, clear and easy to perform, they will allow you to remove all doubts.

Can we choose our destination freely?

Another relevant question, can we really go where we want? Yes and no ! You have three options that give you a wide choice of destinations. You can go on vacation to the mountains, to the sea or to the capital of a European country. A small detail that is of capital importance: you leave when you want, in winter as in summer!

These three options still give you access to nearly 10,000 destinations in France and Europe throughout the year. In addition, as a beneficiary, you can go alone, as a couple or with friends, also aged 18 to 25. The total cost of your stay will be taken into account to calculate the amount of your aid. If one of your companions is not eligible, he will have to pay his full share of the stay.

How to benefit from holiday aid for 18 to 25 year olds?

To benefit from the holiday assistance offered by the ANCV, you do not need to fill out a file. All you have to do is book your stay on one of the three dedicated sites. You will have direct access to it from the official “Départ 6:25” website. Indeed, when you are on the web pages of the ANCV dedicated to this aid program, you will only have to click on “Beach”, “Mountain” or “City”. Then you will be guided to choose your destination, your dates of stay and your accommodation. Finally, you will upload the supporting documents requested to benefit from the financial aid. This will be immediately deducted from the total price of your planned vacation and booked directly on “Departure”.

Please note that each beneficiary can only benefit from this aid once a year. The supporting documents requested must prove your identity and the fact that you reside in France. Indeed, it is necessary to fulfill this last condition to claim this financial aid.

Are you eligible? All you have to do is choose a destination and find friends to accompany you on this adventure!

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