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Will supply and demand match the Nautiques de Port-Camargue?

Two years after its last edition, the largest new and used boat show in the Mediterranean is back in Port-Camargue, from April 15 to 18, 2022. With a budget of 200,000 euros, the Nautiques, organized by the he Association of Boating Professionals in collaboration with the port authority, the municipality and private and institutional partners, expect 40,000 visitors.

“Les Nautiques is a major event for the city and of course for the nautical sector, one of the pillars of the local economy with 75 companies and more than 350 jobs, emphasizes Robert Crauste, mayor of Grau-du-Roi. After a very dynamic year 2021 for the sector, we expect a real enthusiasm for this event which marks the tempo of the season and sends a strong message from this port which is the second marina in the world, after San Diego. »

Already full order books

For this 28th edition, approximately 250 exhibitors, individuals or professionals representing all sectors of boating, are expected. On land, afloat, in an area of ​​25,000 m2 and more than 1,200 meters of pontoons, more than 400 models (sailboats, yachts, fishing boats, etc.), new and used, will be exhibited.

While usually a third of the boats are sold during the show, demand could be increased this year, further destabilizing a sector on the verge of overheating.

“After a very buoyant 2021, the situation is worrying today. We encounter the same problems as the automotive sector: we are sorely lacking in second-hand boats but also in new ones, ifworries Jean-Luc Glad, president of Nautiques and director of A2M, a company specializing in the sale and rental of pleasure boats in Port-Camargue. Due to the difficulties in supplying electronic or mechanical components, it is impossible to expect the arrival of new boats before the end of 2023, or even the beginning of 2024. Stocks are melting like snow in the sun… Fortunately, in Port-Camargue, most of the concessions are leaders in France in terms of their transaction volumes and therefore have a significant weight with shipyards. About fifty new boats will be presented at the show, but I fear that these will be the last of the year. »

A test base

The same is true for the second-hand boat market, which is also tight. The Lebon coin platform is also fairly representative of the situation: 4,500 offers are usually visible over this period, compared to only 2,000 today. As a direct consequence of the lack of stock, the number of second-hand boats exhibited at the Nautiques is down 30%, with, as for the new market, prices rising significantly.

Be that as it may, the offer promises to be diversified, with very beautiful units (catamarans at more than 800,000 euros), sailboats, boats with internal combustion engines but also electric ones and of course semi-rigid boats, always very taken. For this edition, a pool has been opened specifically to allow potential buyers to test the models.

“We must begin the turn of the yachting that is emerging” (Jean-Romain Brunet, Port-Camargue)

Carbon-free navigation

For the first time, the show will be sponsored by a sailor with an eloquent record, Yves Parlier. This renowned skipper has a string of victories (Solitaire du Figaro, Transat Jaques Vabre, Route du Rhum, Course de l’Europe, etc.) and has participated in three Vendée Globes, the last of which in 2000, spectacular at its end of the race. with a jury rig following a dismasting.

“The extraterrestrial Yves Parlier is very representative of our activity and carries values ​​that we share, says Jean-Luc Glad. An exceptional skipper, he is also a brilliant engineer who, through his company, is experimenting with the traction of ships using 100% natural energy, with a kite sail. This very promising carbon-free navigation technique, aimed at both sailboats and pleasure boats, will even be tested on supertankers. The navigator will come to the show to present his innovation. »

Marine ecology will therefore undeniably be in the spotlight at the show. The Grau-du-Roi Marine Institute Seaquarium will also present its actions in favor of eco-responsible boating. A new, greener trend has begun in boating. The emergence of a ground swell?