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You are going on a trip: with the suspension of the vaccination pass, here is all that changes

The arrangements for travel are constantly changing depending on the health situation. Discover everything that has changed since Monday, March 14, 2022.

Exit QR codes and hidden smiles. This Monday, March 14, marked a turning point in terms of health restrictions. The vaccination pass is no longer required in these places : restaurants, bars, or even in sports halls, cinemas, and even discotheques. Are trains and planes affected? How are your travels going? We take stock.

For a train ride

“As of Monday, March 14, the vaccination pass is no longer required to take a long-distance train (TGV INOUI, INTERCITÉS, OUIGO,…)”, specifies the SNCF on its website. “No need to present a screening test result”, also specifies the press service of the SNCF at Current wife. On the other hand, wearing a mask remains compulsory from the age of 6 on board all trains as well as in areas where the ticket is requested (station platform for example).

It should be noted, however, that the mask “will remain compulsory in public passenger transport given the crowding” for travelers aged 11 and over, said the Prime Minister, which concerns all buses, trains, planes, boats on French territory.

@ANTONRG Hello, the vaccine pass will no longer be requested for access to the TGV, Intercités or OUIGO after March 14th. However, wearing a mask remains compulsory. Have a nice day.

— SNCF Connect (@SNCFConnect) March 9, 2022

For air travel

Since March 14, 2022, the vaccination pass is no longer required to fly from the moment your trip takes place in France. Same thing for flights to Corsica and Overseas, details The mask remains compulsory.

It remains to be seen whether the Overseas Territories (such as Guadeloupe for example) continue to request a negative screening test for less than 24 hours. The ministry should update its website soon.

For a coach trip

As in airplanes and long-distance trains, the vaccination pass is no longer required in interregional coaches. Vaccinated and non-vaccinated people can now travel freely by coach, without a pass or screening test. However, a mask should be worn.

For a trip by VTC

VTC journeys are affected by the maintenance of the wearing of the mandatory mask.

What about trips abroad?

If these new rules apply throughout the national territory in France, things are different abroad, some countries continuing to require proof of vaccination or negative Covid-19 test results.

A deadline to consider

Note that if the vaccination pass of a future traveler is no longer active, and the booster dose is administered shortly before traveling outside of France but within the European Union, it is necessary to count on least 14 days for it to be considered valid again.

In addition, if the traveler cannot obtain the sesame in time, it is possible for him to carry out the traditional screening tests. Either an antigen test (20 euros) of less than 24 hours in pharmacy, or a PCR test (44 euros) of less than 72 hours in the laboratory. The option of the reinstatement certificate is also possible, provided that it is not older than 6 months. But there again, it is a question of being well informed beforehand on the site of the embassy of the country in question, specifies LCI.

On March 11, the main organizations of airports and international airlines also asked that many European countries give up their health or vaccination passes, thanks to the general ebb of contamination in recent weeks. This is already the case for Ireland, Iceland and Lithuania, which no longer require any health document to enter their territory. It is therefore recommended to inquire beforehand on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In Europe, a few countries have lifted all restrictions on entering their territory. This is the case of Ireland, Iceland and Lithuania. To travel to these countries, only the usual travel documents (identity card or passport) are required, while health documents related to Covid-19 are no longer required.

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